How to Install Intel MKL, Torch, and NCCL for Faster Computation on CPU and Multiple GPUs

2023-04-13 00:01:53 By : Ms. Susan SU
Mcisson Innovates with Fast Math Computation and Multiple GPU Communication

Mcisson, a leader in electronic cigarette technology, has recently announced its success in leveraging the power of Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) and Nvidia's Collective Communications Library (NCCL) for faster math computations and multiple GPU communication. These libraries have been critical to Mcisson's development of next-generation products, including advanced E-cig technology, new product development, and management.
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Intel MKL is a high-performance computing library that allows fast math computation on CPUs. It provides optimized routines for Intel CPUs including Xeon and Core processors. With MKL, Mcisson is empowered to perform complex calculations at a much faster rate than previously possible with traditional CPUs. This is essential for real-time data analysis and running experiments that require advanced mathematical computation with efficiency and accuracy.

In combination with Intel MKL, Mcisson has adopted Nvidia's NCCL for fast multiple GPU communication. NCCL allows the communication of data between multiple GPUs, enabling Mcisson to scale its processing power and handle larger datasets with ease. With NCCL optimization, Mcisson can implement complex E-cig technology, manage large data sets, and improve its overall product development process.

To implement Intel MKL and NCCL, Mcisson created an environment in $HOME/apps directory. The installation process was straightforward, with only a few commands needed to install both libraries. Mcisson recommends familiarity with basic command-line operations for the installation process. It is essential to follow the installation instructions on the official websites to avoid any errors during setup.

Mcisson's use of both libraries is an example of how companies can leverage high-performance computing software to improve the efficiency and productivity of their products. The combination of Intel MKL and Nvidia's NCCL provides Mcisson with a scalable solution that is essential for their E-cig technology, new product development, talent introduction, and management processes. By incorporating these sophisticated tools into their development process, Mcisson continues to invest in innovation and excellence, surpassing the competition in the E-cig technology industry.

In summary, Intel MKL and Nvidia's NCCL provide Mcisson with cutting-edge technology, scaling opportunities, and faster computation for their electronic cigarette technology, new product development, talent introduction, and management. As Mcisson continues to push the limits of their technology, their combined use of these two libraries is a testament to their commitment to innovation, and their desire to provide their customers with the best possible products on the market.