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Mcisson: A Leader in Independent Innovation and Excellence

Mcisson is a technology-oriented company that specialises in the development of modern electronic cigarette technology. Established in 2018, the company is located in Guangdong province in China. Mcisson has been creating cutting-edge electronic cigarettes to fit the needs of the consumer market for many years. The company boasts some of the most advanced and innovative products in the electronic cigarette industry. In addition to providing high-quality products, Mcisson also prioritises the introduction of new talent, training opportunities and promoting management excellence in the industry.

Innovation and Excellence: The Foundations of Mcisson

Mcisson was founded on the belief that innovation and excellence are key to the success of any technology-based business. The company has been committed to independent innovation since its inception, and that has been the driving force behind its success. Innovation and excellence are the cornerstones of Mcisson's culture. The company's vision is to create high-quality and innovative products that meet the needs of its customers. With this in mind, Mcisson is dedicated to developing the most advanced electronic cigarette products.

New Product Development

The development of new products is a crucial element in Mcisson's strategy. The company's new product development team is made up of experienced professionals. The team has extensive expertise in design, engineering, and regulatory knowledge in the industry. As a result, Mcisson has consistently produced innovative products such as its signature product - the NERO X.

The NERO X is an electronic cigarette that stands out in the market. The pod system incorporates a triple adjustable airflow system and a 900mAh battery life, providing longer vaping time when compared to other products. Moreover, it uses the latest ceramic heating technology, providing a smooth and consistent vaping experience. Mcisson is committed to continuously developing such products to suit the market demand.

Talent Introduction

Mcisson recognises the importance of introducing new talent to the company regularly. The company believes that introducing new professionals provides fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and promotes growth. Mcisson has set up various programs to attract and recruit new talent, both from local and global settings.

The new talent program at Mcisson is rigorous, and it's designed to recruit professionals from different industries such as engineering, sales and marketing. The program provides hands-on training and mentorship designed to help new recruits adapt quickly to the company's culture, as well as aligning their skills with Mcisson's mission and strategy.

E-cig Technology Training

Mcisson understands the importance of technology training in the perfect design and development of electronic cigarettes. As a result, the company has set up various training programs aimed at equipping its employees with up-to-date knowledge and skills necessary for the development and licensing of unique electronic cigarettes.

Mcisson's product design engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality control personnel, and project managers undergo professional training regularly to keep up with the emerging technologies in the industry. The training equips them with necessary knowledge on industry trends, emerging designs and ensures that new products comply with international safety and performance standards.

Management Excellence

Mcisson understands that management plays a significant role in any organisation's success. The company has set up various management mechanisms that promote transparency, accountability, and excellent leadership. Mcisson's managers are knowledgeable in the industry and put the company's priorities first.

Mcisson has established a culture of transparency where every employee has access to business operations, finances, human resources policies, and decision-making processes. The company also operates an employee empowerment program where employees are encouraged to take part in company decision-making and provide insights on their area of specialisation.


Mcisson is a leader in independent innovation and excellence in the electronic cigarette industry. The company has consistently developed cutting-edge products and prioritised recruiting new talent, training personnel, and promoting management excellence to remain competitive in the industry. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence has been the driving force behind its success. Mcisson looks towards the future with a commitment to providing high-quality and innovative products, promoting a culture of transparency, value for money to its customers, and environmental stewardship.
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